About the CCCCA

The California Child Care Coordinators Association:
Partnering to promote, support, and improve child care services to children and their families in California.

Association Profile and History

The California Child Care Coordinators Association is a professional association of child care coordinators from cities, counties, federal entities, and local child care planning councils from around the state.

The Association is supported by an Executive Committee consisting of two co-chairs, secretary, treasurer, past co-chairs, and committee chairs.

Other committees include the Public Policy Committee, which drafts a Public Policy Platform each year at its annual conference; a Data Committee, which works on refining the data requirements for local and state planning needs; and the Communications Committee, which maintains a website, listserv, and develops public outreach materials.

The Association serves as a forum for sharing knowledge and information and provides leadership and resources in identifying and addressing key issues.

The Association acts as a voice for communicating those issues, identifies training and technical support needs, promotes the professional development, education, and training of its members, identifies opportunities for joint projects and collaborative efforts; and assists local planning councils in meeting state mandates.

The CCCCA holds meetings four times each year, including an annual training conference held in October that rotates geographically around the state.

“Children are the living messages
we send to a time we will not see.”

Neil Postman (1931-2003) from his book
“The Disappearance of Childhood”

Creative and Strategic Collaborations

To fulfill its mission, the CCCCA:

  • Acts as a forum for the sharing of knowledge and information among members;
  • Provides leadership and resources in identifying and addressing key issues;
  • Promotes the Professional development, education and training of members;
  • Identifies opportunities for joint projects and collaboration;
  • Assists local child care planning councils to meet state mandates;
  • Acts as a voice for communicating these issues to members, local governments, the California Department of Education, the Legislature, related organizations, and the general public;
  • Works with the California Department of Education on establishing policies and priorities associated with child care and development programs and services;
  • Assists city and county child care coordinators in advising local governments on creating land use policies to support the development of child care facilities.

A mission honed and actively pursued over the past ten years by members passionate about the availability of quality child care for California’s children.


The CCCCA and its members provide resources to assist communities and governments in a variety of ways:

  • Community Planning Resources
  • Child Care Quality Resources
  • Local Policy Advisement
  • Needs Assessment Data
  • Child Care Facility Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Website Resources